Wallet behaviour decoded.
Gains accelerated.

Navigate the crypto market with confidence, backed by the first platform to merge behavioural finance with AI precision. Understand your behavioural patterns, benchmark against the best, and seize opportunities with data-driven trade suggestions.
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An Intelligent Layer on any Blockchain

Aarkus Intelligence stands as a transformative force in blockchain behavioural analysis. By overlaying an advanced AI-driven layer on existing blockchain infrastructures, it offers unparalleled insights into wallet behaviors and asset trends. This integration enables precise predictions and strategic decision-making, elevating the potential of every transaction and interaction within the blockchain ecosystem.

Aarkus Intelligence is an AI powered blockchain blockchain behavioural finance platform

Built for degens, traders, and investors alike

One tool.
Diverse Utilities

Explore a multifaceted tool that offers comprehensive wallet behavior insights, asset tracking, AI-driven trading assistance, and real-time blockchain data analysis.
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Understand wallet behavior

Gain a competitive edge by understanding wallet behavior including purchasing patterns, asset histories, and predictive trends, empowering tailored recommendations for enhanced gains through impeccable timing

Track asset performance

Explore the future of asset management with a comprehensive understanding of asset dynamics, market trends, social media sentiment, and performance forecasts, enabling degens and traders to navigate the digital asset landscape with data-driven confidence and clarity

AI trading assistant

Elevate your trading strategy with our AI Trading Assistant. Learning from the best traders in the market, it delivers in-depth market analysis, and trend forecasts, transforms complex data into actionable insights through personalised recommendations

Real-time Blockchain Data Processing

Experience the speed of our real-time data processing capabilities, delivering you instant analytics to capture market opportunities as they arise. (Coming Soon)

Anticipate Wallet Actions: Next-Gen Personalization

Harness Advanced NBA (Next Best Action) Analytics for Insightful Wallet Behavior Prediction and Tailored Blockchain Experiences

Benefits of an AI-powered behavioural finance platform

Wallet Behavior

Our platform adeptly categorizes wallet addresses into specific segments based on their activity and balance, offering a deeper comprehension of consumer behaviors and patterns.

Matching algorithms for comparative Insights

By analyzing similar wallets, the platform provides users a broader perspective on market behaviors, aiding in the identification of optimal investment opportunities.

Predictive Wallet-to-Asset

Utilize our sophisticated wallet-to-asset matrix to accurately predict a wallet's behavior towards specific assets, enhancing investment and interaction strategies.

Predictive Asset Performance Analytics

Empower your analytics with our tools to forecast asset performance, drawing from historical trends, social sentiment, and patterns of similar assets for informed trade predictions.

Our Associations

Actively engaged in expanding our partnerships, we're dedicated to fostering enduring relationships with industry leaders.

Meet the team

Harsh Gupta

Cofounder CEO
Harsh has a tech industry foundation, having worked for tech giants. His innovations span across AI-based cyber security systems and blockchain applications.

Rahul Sreenivasan

Cofounder COO
Rahul is a tech business development leader, having elevated project portfolios from $2M to $11M within 2 years. He has expertly worked on strategizing and delivering AI/ML, software, and blockchain projects for multinational corporations.
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